WTD 230

Shared by Alan That’s why you’ll see so few words from me. What’s this?! A comic on a Saturday?!!Director’s Commentary: My wife affectionately refers to me as a “notorious nonreader”. I probably would have skipped over this strip myself. Be honest, how many really read panel two?© 2009 Aaron Johnson This content was generated from … Read more

Atheist bus ads roll in London today: massive success

A UK campaign to raise money to buy London bus-ads to promote atheism was a massive success — 800 of the busses took the streets today, and the campaign is spreading around the world. Today, thanks to many Cif readers, the overall total raised for the Atheist Bus Campaign stands at a truly overwhelming £135,000, … Read more

Web Therapy: Lisa Kudrow’s smart new web comedy series

I’m really sick and tired of these online series that use the first personal confessional –like Lonelygirl15 and the totally awful Gemini Division with Rosario Dawson — in service of the hokey dramatic trope of overly expository webcam monologues. In the case of Lonelygirl15‘s fictional over-sharing protagonist, Bree, I suppose it was creatively justified, but … Read more

The Two Classes of Airport Contraband

Airport security found a jar of pasta sauce in my luggage last month. It was a 6-ounce jar, above the limit; the official confiscated it, because allowing it on the airplane with me would have been too dangerous. And to demonstrate how dangerous he really thought that jar was, he blithely tossed it in a … Read more