Tethering Jolicloud with a Nokia 6500 Classic

Yesterday I plugged my Nokia 6500 Classic phone into my Jolicloud powered netbook, told the network manager I was on a Vodafone contract and bang, instant 3G internet access. It could hardly be simpler.

Once its set up, you can edit the configuration and see where it’s put the APN and other connection info, and edit to match your provider if its not on the list of presets.

Bluetooth is trickier, the GUI tool had a go at it but failed miserably just like it had on plain Ubuntu. Pairing and trasnferring files it’ll do but not dial up networking. For that you’ll have to use the guide I found here, which worked perfectly on Ubuntu and so should also work for Jolicloud.

I’m really happy with the cabled operation. My Netbook, a first generation EEE PC 701 (with a RAM upgrade) doesn’t have bluetooth built in so instead of carrying around a bluetooth dongle I can just carry the phones USB cable instead. I’ll be using less power too without the unnecessary radio chatter.

I might actually have to do some tech support from Glastonbury this year so I’m glad this is working so well now.

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  1. Thanks for this, and the link to the guide. I lost my data cable and needed a way to use bluetooth and phone for internet on the move. How are you finding JoliCloud by the way? I’m quite enjoying it


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