Tweets from The Cape Wrath Trail

Beginning Easter weekend this year I hiked The Cape Wrath Trail. I had excellent conditions for it and I completed the walk in about two weeks. [tweet 1119237826787336192 conversation=’0′][tweet 1119242613125787648 conversation=’0′][tweet 1119557089347690497 conversation=’0′][tweet 1119557982034038785 conversation=’0′][tweet 1119569735878942726 conversation=’0′][tweet 1120696399807623168 conversation=’0′][tweet 1120752539320897536 conversation=’0′][tweet 1120794724141498369 conversation=’0′][tweet 1120811286420492289 conversation=’0′][tweet 1121454796932882436 conversation=’0′][tweet 1121444119207993345 conversation=’0′][tweet 1121688987024932864 conversation=’0′][tweet 1123097601253965824 conversation=’0′][tweet 1124024119303995393 conversation=’0′][tweet … Read more

Hiking the Kungsleden 2018

In late August to early September of 2018, I hiked Sweden’s 440km Kungsleden (Kings Trail) in the northbound direction. My buddy Emma came along and hiked a good two thirds of it too. I didn’t blog about it at the time but I did tweet each day as I went. Here are those tweets. [tweet … Read more