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Hiking the Kungsleden 2018

In late August to early September of 2018, I hiked Sweden’s 440km Kungsleden (Kings Trail) in the northbound direction. My buddy Emma came along and hiked a good two thirds of it too. I didn’t blog about it at the … Continue reading

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Walking the West Highland Way (Yaw dnal hgih tsew)

The West Highland Way is a 96 mile walking route stretching from Milngavie in Glasgow to Fort William in the Highlands. In August of 2017 I walked this route, in reverse, starting with a bonus ascent of Ben Nevis. Here’s … Continue reading

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My very own twitter client.

Followers on Twitter may have noticed that I’m now posting using a client called alanjames. This is really just Spaz but now registered at Twitter under my own name. Here’s the how and why I’ve done that. For some months … Continue reading

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beerandnoodles posted a photo: and that’s pretty much the last we saw of that one.

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beerandnoodles posted a photo:

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beerandnoodles posted a photo:

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Issues with the YouGov poll on LD policies

Sunday’s YouGov voting intention poll for the UK contained a number of questions on policies. Commisioned by the Sun newspaper it seeks to gauge support for Liberal Democrat policies. Now as people (according to recent media reports) have been completely … Continue reading

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Within-group aggregates with another wrinkle.

Recently when optimising an SQL query I needed to return a specific subset of records from a large table. The brilliant Common Queries Tree pointed me in the right direction, but the examples didn’t quite cover my specific case. I … Continue reading

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Tethering Jolicloud with a Nokia 6500 Classic

Yesterday I plugged my Nokia 6500 Classic phone into my Jolicloud powered netbook, told the network manager I was on a Vodafone contract and bang, instant 3G internet access. It could hardly be simpler. Once its set up, you can … Continue reading

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beerandnoodles posted a photo: Up late at the computer again.

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